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Are you ready to experience the difference it makes having someone on your side of the table? Read below for answers to frequently asked questions on how we operate or if you have a specific question—please feel free to contact a GWS partner. We’re happy to answer any questions you have.

What size kennel should I choose?

Choosing the right size kennel is dependent on many things. Size of your dog, breed of dog, how active your dog is and how long the dog will stay in the kennel for, i.e. few hours or all day? For example, if you have a medium sized dog who stays in the kennel most of the day, then a large sized kennel is best.

What shape do I choose?

The shape of the kennel may be a personal choice. You may want to choose the roof shape that best suits your property or your style. Cougar Kennels range includes curved roof, gable roof or sloping roof designs.

Can I change the layout of the standard design kennels?

We are happy to discuss your preferences, as you may decide the sleeping area would work best on the opposite end, or the door on the opposite side.

Can I change the way the door opens?

Yes, we are happy to make minor amendments to the standard design kennels. Have a chat with us.

Can I add an extra door?

As the standard designs of the gable and sloping roof designs only come with and opening gate, it is possible to add a door to the enclosed end of the kennel (additional costs apply).

Can I add extra black bars around the cage area?

On the gable and sloping roof kennels, extra black bars can be added on the end. Contact us to discuss.

How many doors does the curved roof kennel design have?

All curved roof kennels come with a front and back door.

Does the tin get hot?

Yes, the tin will get hot in the sun, so we have built the enclosed kennel area with insulation between the exterior panel and the treated plywood lining to help keep your pet cooler in summer & warmer in winter. If possible, we recommend placing the kennel in a shaded or semi-shaded location and ensure there is always adequate water available for your dog.

Is the enclosed kennel area insulated?

Yes, the enclosed kennel area has polystyrene insulation between the exterior panel and the treated plywood lining to help keep your pet cooler in summer & warmer in winter.

What type of materials are used?

The exterior panels are zincalume mini corrugated. Treated timber framing and treated ply for lining. Galvanised or stainless-steel fastenings. 7mm thick aluminium securo mesh. Anti-chew aluminium flat bar around the arch of enclosed area.

Do you do different colours?

The plain zincalume is silver, other popular colours are black, ironsand and grey friars. Enquire with us about any other colour preferences you may have.

Will the kennel last in the outdoors?

Cougar Kennels are built for the outdoors using quality products, treated timber and galvanised or stainless fastenings.

Is the enclosed area of the kennel part lined?

Yes, the kennel / sleeping part is plywood lined to ensure the insulation is not exposed to your pet as well as for extra strength and protection.

Can I lock the kennel door?

The doors come with pad bolts which can be locked with a padlock (padlock not supplied).

Do your prices include gst?

Yes, the quoted prices are inclusive of GST.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we can deliver within the Auckland region (Please contact us for a quote to deliver). For areas outside of Auckland, please feel free to discuss delivery options.

How long will it take to get my kennel built?

At Cougar Kennels, we are working hard to get kennels built and out the door to their new owners. Time frames may be dependent on the type of kennel you require and the current workload at time of ordering. This can be advised at the time.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes you will need to pay a 50% deposit to secure your order with the balance paid in full at least a day prior to the kennel leaving our factory.

How do I go about ordering a kennel?

Go to Cougar Kennels Contact Us page & send through your details & which kennel, size colour, etc you would like, I will get back to you with our bank details & time frame.

Can I view the different kennels?

Unfortunately, we don't have a showroom. As kennels are being built & delivered all the time, please feel free to contact me to arrange a time where I can show you the kennels I have on site at the time. Feel free to browse through the many photos on Cougar Kennel's website for ideas.

Are these the best kennels in NZ?

We think so! Cougar Kennels takes pride in all workmanship using top quality products made to endure NZ outdoor conditions and giving your dog a stylish new home.