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Early Lessons in Financial Planning

Early Lessons in Financial Planning

Long before “comprehensive financial planning” was a common term, John Gatewood’s father developed his own version with black paint and a Polaroid camera.

John grew up in Washington, D.C. in this environment, watching his father bring in clients—plus their bankers, accountants and attorneys—for meetings. Together, the group would outline a strategic plan, which his father would draw out in chalk on the black wall. When the meeting was over, each party received a Polaroid photo of the plan, so he could execute his part. The approach was elegant in its simplicity, and it mirrors the comprehensive financial planning that is today’s financial planning standard.

A Legacy Continued

We believe for clients to succeed, it’s critical that all their professional partners pursue the same goals. Having learned this at a young age from his father, John Gatewood always knew he wanted to serve as a similar, central point person for families. It’s why he founded Gatewood Wealth Solutions in 1981, and it’s the reason he is such a strong believer in acting as a “team leader” with clients’ other professionals.

Today, Gatewood Wealth Solutions is a team of 13 highly credentialed professionals, all united in our approach to financial planning and wealth management. As financial advisors, we hold ourselves to a fiduciary standard and are committed to making all decisions in clients’ best interests. Using technology, financial behavior coaching and an active investment strategy as tools, we help guide clients on their paths to financial freedom.

All investing involves risk including the possible loss of principal. No strategy assures success or protects against loss