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A Business Owner Juggling Growth and Retirement Plan Compliance


Alex is one of our Gatewood Wealth Solutions (GWS) personas — fictitious clients whose features are based on real GWS client stories. Our goal is to highlight the type of services we provide clients in a variety of life stages and situations, so you can get a better sense for how we might be able to help you! 


Alex has poured his soul into growing his business. As a testament to his commitment to his team, he's established a 401(k) & Profit-Sharing plan. But, like many business owners, Alex and his CFO struggle to keep up with the myriad of responsibilities these plans demand.  New ERISA regulations have introduced potential fines for non-compliance, and the threat of employee lawsuits adds another layer of complexity.



Alex needs to prepare for forthcoming ERISA regulations, including understanding the role and implications of a being an investment fiduciary. He also currently lacks retirement plan education for his participants, as well as payroll integration.  Plus, with all his other duties, it’s difficult for Alex to maintain an updated and compliant Investment Policy Statement (IPS) or to share necessary notices and policy information with participants.



At GWS, we serve many business owner clients that struggle with the same issues as Alex. We help manage risk and fiduciary responsibilities, monitor costs, design tailored plans, provide participant education and advice, and offer institutional money management. 


Here’s how we help solve business owners' pain points and create a solid foundation for Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans.

3(38) Fiduciary Guidance.

As a plan sponsor, you, the business owner, are the fiduciary on the plan. By hiring us, our responsibilities as 3(38) fiduciaries under ERISA are clear: to act prudently in the plan participant's best interests, follow the terms of the plan documents, diversify investments, and ensure reasonable plan expenses.

Tailored Education Programs and System Integrations. 

We create customized education sessions for participants, enhancing their understanding and engagement in the plan. We also assure systems seamlessly align with payroll processes, eliminating potential errors and ensuring timely contributions. Our team ensures that managing your retirement plan is straightforward and efficient.

IPS and Compliance Review. 

Our experts will review, update, or create an IPS that aligns with your company's goals and regulatory demands. We also help evaluate and secure the appropriate fidelity bond, ensuring your plan is compliant and participants are protected. Finally, we ensure that you never miss an ERISA notice deadline.

Consistent Advisor Communication.

At GWS, we believe in proactive engagement. Our advisors schedule regular check-ins, ensuring you're always in the loop about your plan's status and performance. We prioritize open dialogue, so you're never left wondering about the status of your plan.

Does Alex’s story sound familiar? We’d love to hear from you if so. We can help you manage the complexities of your employer-sponsored retirement plan, so you can channel your energy into what you do best — growing your business.


Phone: 314.924.5100



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