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Gatewood Wealth Solutions

Helping families give purpose to their money.


At Gatewood Wealth Solutions, we are on a mission to share our experience with individuals and families --- helping them become and remain financially self-reliant, so they can give purpose to their money.

We start with your vision for your family’s future. With your goals as our objective, we chart the appropriate course to help set you up for success. This involves a complex consideration of all aspects of your financial life, from income and estate tax planning to risk management. We run the numbers, weigh the appropriate level of risk and develop an optimized plan that’s completely custom for you and your family. Then, we employ our time-tested investment approach, comprehensive and dynamic technology and financial behavior coaching to help ensure you stay on track toward reaching your goals.

We simplify the complexities of your financial life.

By becoming a nationally recognized comprehensive financial planning and investment management brand at the crossroads where our clients lives intersect comprehensive wealth management, integrated enabling technology, and financial behavioral coaching.

On-the-Go Account Access

Keeping tabs on your financial life should be as easy as checking your smartphone. With our new app and online client portal, you can access your financial plan, investment performance and cash flow at any time from your mobile device or laptop. Plus, you can message your advisor with just a tap of your screen.

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