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Do you feel like you’re over-concentrated in your employee stock? Or just don’t have the time to look at a price target every day?


These are typical concerns we hear from our executive clients, and we always answer the same way: “That’s where we come in.” We know how busy you are, and we want you to have confidence in delegating this part of your financial life to our highly experienced team. 


We are committed to making thoughtful, quantitative, strategic decisions based on data — the same way you make decisions in your executive role every day.

How do we keep you on track? Our general executive services offerings include:

Gatewood Wealth Solutions Equity Compensation Analysis

Equity Compensation Analysis

Gatewood Wealth Solutions Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Analysis

Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Analysis

Gatewood Wealth Solutions Incentive Stock Options

Incentive Stock Options

Gatewood Wealth Solutions Restricted Stock Options (Performance and Incentive Shares)

Restricted Stock Options (Performance and Incentive Shares)

Based on our analysis of your specific compensation package, we will review your particular target, an insight ratio, and a recommendation for the time of sale for that stock option. We want to make sure you’re not overly concentrated in any one position. Finally, we share a comprehensive and detailed report of your entire executive compensation plan.


Once we plan to manage your equity compensation, we keep your price targets on our radar and track for potential sales, so you don’t have to.  We’ll reach out once a quarter to review your compensation plan, the pricing we’ve been tracking, and any dates or tax considerations of which you need to be aware. 


If you’re like most executives, you are concerned about over concentrating your investments — or you just don’t have the time even to analyze your positions.

Want to Learn More?

Download our FREE 3-Bucket Approach E-Book: "Don't put all your eggs in one basket - put them in three buckets" or for more in-depth information regarding executive services contact, Lead Advisor Daniel Goeddel.


Daniel Goeddel, MBA
Partner, Chief Operating Officer & Wealth Advisor

Don't Put All Your Eggs in One Basket -- Put Them in Three Buckets Gatewood Wealth Solutions
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