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How GWS Structures Our Client Care Teams

Updated: Mar 13

Christina Shockley, JD, CFP®, Chief Planning Officer

When Gatewood Wealth Solutions became independent, it offered us the opportunity to make our own decisions as a firm when it came to how we cared for our clients — from the technology we used to the services we offered.


As Chief Planning Officer, I worked closely with the GWS Leadership Team to carefully craft a Client Care Team structure that suited our clients’ needs. To me, this structure is one of our most important differentiators in the market.

What Do We Mean by “Team Structure?”

The phrase “team structure” can be used in reference to a number of team configurations. But to us, “team structure” refers to a true ensemble structure in which all teams work under the same roof to serve our clients consistently with uncompromising quality. To accomplish this, we carefully divided our clients according to financial life complexity into three groups:

  • Private Client Care: Ultra-high net worth, ultra-high financial complexity.

  • Client Care Plus: High net worth, high financial complexity.

  • Client Care: Average net worth and financial complexity.

Within those segments, we designated specific Client Care Teams to serve a particular number of families, so they could familiarize themselves with precisely what typical client needs are within those segments.


Finally, regardless of segment, each of our Gatewood Wealth Solution client families has their own Client Care Team served by four professionals collaboratively working together to guide clients towards their financial goals. They include:

  • Wealth Advisor

  • Wealth Planner

  • Wealth Coordinator

  • Portfolio Strategist

We intentionally structured our team this way, so that no financial plan or investment portfolio is ever reliant on just one person. If something ever happened to one of the advisors — whether retirement, promotion, death, or any other unforeseen circumstance — there would always be another team member familiar with the client's goals, objectives, and moving pieces. This continuity plan ensures we can deliver on our promises to the families we serve for generations to come as a truly enduring firm. While some firms take the traditional, one-client-to-one-advisor approach, we set the standard on a true family-to-firm approach.


Below is a breakdown of each role, what the responsibilities are, and why we structured them this way:

Wealth Advisors

Brian McGeehon, MAcc, CFA®, CLU®; Christina Shockley, JD, CFP®;

Dan Goeddel, MBA; or Jared Freese, CFP®, CLU®, CEPA®, ChFC®

As your primary relationship manager, your Wealth Advisor is responsible for enhancing your experience with our firm. His/her main goal is to ensure your family is receiving excellent Client Care, especially during times of crucial or complex life decisions.

Contact him/her with questions on:

  • Your experience with GWS

  • Changes to your high-level goals and strategy

  • Navigating all of the resources GWS has to offer

  • Introductions to outside, trusted professionals


Wealth Planners

Nina Breen, CFP®, RICP®; Lauren Goeddel, CFP®; or Clint Clemons, CFP®

Your Wealth Planner is your family's personal Certified Financial Planner® professional. The CFP® designation demonstrates their proficiency in financial planning, risk management, investment, tax efficiency, retirement, and estate planning advising. They create and maintain your personalized financial plan that aligns with your goals and aspirations, going beyond simply providing day-to-day services. He or she will be your go-to for most questions!

Contact him/her with comments or questions on:

  • Updates to your family’s financial plan

  • Important financial decisions

  • Scheduling meetings

  • Moving money

  • Investing excess cash


Wealth Coordinators

Melissa Sims, CLU®; Blake Higdon, MBA; Mo Khalid, MSF; Annie Erickson, CPA, MAcc; and Brandon Laxton, CFP®

Your Wealth Coordinator takes care of the administrative details of your accounts, from information updates to paperwork. They are the glue that holds the team together, and they work tirelessly to ensure your family has its financial details covered.

Contact them with questions on:

  • Account paperwork

  • Address changes

  • DocuSign

  • Account Aggregation on the GWS Portal (our app)

  • LPL My Account View (Tax documents and statements)


Portfolio Strategists

Aaron Tuttle, CFA®, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC® and

Chris Arends, CFA®, CMT, CAIA®

Each Portfolio Strategist is a member of the GWS Investment Committee. This group works behind the scenes every day to ensure we're positioning your investments in a way that helps you pursue your goals. Be sure to tune into our Market Insights videos to hear their transparent take on the market!


With this Client Care Team structure, you can be confident we’re proactively watching out for your family’s financial needs — and you’ll know exactly to whom to go with your questions. We’re proud of our team and confident in their ability to provide you with a high-quality experience. We always welcome feedback, so feel free to share any ideas or feedback with your Wealth Advisor.

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