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We all have different life goals. Some want to work as long as possible; others would rather retire early and travel the world with their families—some dream of owning their businesses or aim to climb the corporate ladder as quickly as possible. At Gatewood Wealth Solutions, our objective is to get to know your family personally, so we can understand how your family unit functions.

Once we have a sense of your families goals, dreams, and priorities, we craft a comprehensive financial plan — Goals Analysis — to map out your path to success. Like any good plan, it has enough structure to keep you and your loved ones on track and help us measure your progress with the flexibility to evolve and grow with you as your family changes. Then, our planning and investing teams work together to help you work toward your goals. 

We've built expertise in serving four key client segments, all with their nuances and bespoke planning and investing strategies. Click below to learn more about each: 

GWS Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

We’re here to help you start managing your funnel today, so you can pull all the right levers by the time you’re ready to retire. Our retirement planning services include social security maximization, pension analysis, monte carlo analysis, distribution planning, 401(k) transition assistance, and hub accounts.

GWS Executive Services

Executive Services

We are committed to making thoughtful, quantitative, strategic decisions based on data — the same way you make decisions in your executive role every day.​ Our general executive services offerings include equity compensation analysis, non-qualified deferred compensation analysis, incentive stock options, and restricted stock options. 

GWS Business Owners

Business Services

As a business owner, you spend all day making sure your business is operating smoothly. How do we get you to that place of financial independence? We review, analyze and make recommendations for you including, buying and selling agreements, operating agreements, key person insurance, employee benefits, and 401(k) plans. 

GWS Wealth Accumulators

Wealth Accumulation 

Whether you’re just getting out of school or are in the highest-earning years of your life, the sooner you start with the right team, the more wealth you can accumulate and the sooner you can pursue your goals. Our accumulator services include quarterly income distribution, complex estate planning, insurance planning, and financial wellness education. 


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Jared Freese, CFP®, CLU®, CEPA, ChFC®
Wealth Advisor

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