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You may have heard the term “HENRY”:  High Earner, Not Rich Yet. You may be one yourself. Whether you’re just getting out of school or are in the highest-earning years of your life, the sooner you start with the right team, the more wealth you family can accumulate and the sooner you can pursue your goals.


The question is, is your money working as hard as you are? Many HENRYs in your position are wondering:


  • Where should I be putting my families excess savings?

  • Is a Roth or pre-tax retirement account better for my family?

  • Should I be opening a 529 plan to fund my kids’ education?

  • Do I have enough insurance for my entire family?


We’ll answer these questions and help you build a thoughtful strategy so that you can leapfrog even more quickly toward your goals. We’ve even created an accumulator-specific investment strategy, called Builder, that intentionally adds beta. That means your family can grow their wealth more quickly than if you were indexing. 


Our other Accumulator services include:

Gatewood Wealth Solutions Quarterly Income Distribution

Quarterly Income Distribution

Gatewood Wealth Solutions Complex Estate Planning

Complex Estate Planning

Gatewood Wealth Solutions Insurance Planning

Insurance Planning

Gatewood Wealth Solutions Financial Wellness Education

Financial Wellness Education

Want to Learn More?

Download our FREE 3-Bucket Approach E-Book: "Don't put all your eggs in one basket - put them in three buckets" or for more in-depth information regarding wealth accumulation contact, Lead Advisor Daniel Goeddel.


Daniel Goeddel, MBA
Partner, Chief Operating Officer & Wealth Advisor

Don't Put All Your Eggs in One Basket -- Put Them in Three Buckets Blog Gatewood Wealth Solutions
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