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This page is intended for financial professionals only.

Your practice is your life’s work – it represents years of dedication and accomplishment on behalf of your clients and a source of well-earned pride. When it’s time to retire, you want to feel confident that your clients will be in good hands and that your legacy of service will be preserved. Gatewood Wealth Solutions is prepared to meet those challenges. We are a national fee-based firm founded on Midwest values, and it shows in our work ethic and commitment to client service. 

Our Founder and CEO, John Gatewood, shares the experience you and your clients can expect from GWS Succession Solutions in the video below.

Continuing your Client Care Legacy
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Our retention rate is measured on an annual basis by the number of clients that leave the firm combined with those assets that we lose from lost clients.



Although the average financial advisor is 57 years old, only 25% of advisors have a succession plan in place for their clients (Financial Planning Association). At Gatewood Wealth Solutions, we have a detailed and systemized approach to walk you and your clients through each step of the transition process to provide a timely and seamless experience on your preferred timeline. We understand the complexities of this delicate process and have successfully solved for these issues for more than two decades.

Whether you are planning for your retirement or simply want to line up a succession plan to prepare for the unexpected, we have an established process for you, so you can enjoy the next stage of your life with peace of mind that we will care for your clients’ wealth management and lifestyle needs.

Click below to learn more about the GWS Succession Solution that best fits your situation and goals.

My goal is to retire in the next three years.

I want to have a plan in place for my clients and family in my absence.



Gatewood Wealth Solutions is a team of 17 highly credentialed professionals united in our financial planning and wealth management approach. As financial advisors, we hold ourselves to a fiduciary standard and are committed to making all decisions in clients’ best interests. Using quality technology, financial behavior coaching, and an active investment strategy as tools, we help guide clients on their paths to financial self-reliance and ultimately to the deeper purpose for their wealth.

Gatewood Wealth Solutions Mobile App

Mobile App

The GWS app allows clients and advisors to message directly from a smart device. Learn More >

Gatewood Wealth Solutions Proven Track Record

Proven Track Record

Our portfolio management approach has a consistent record of success. Learn More > 

Gatewood Wealth Solutions Tax Benefits

Tax Benefits

By transitioning to us, you will be able to report long-term capital gains versus ordinary income. 

Gatewood Wealth Solutions Client Services

Client Services

We offer a wide range of services, from essential planning to concierge-style services.

Learn more about how we do business at GWS directly from our leadership team in the videos below.