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David is one of our Gatewood Wealth Solutions (GWS) profiles — fictitious clients whose features are based on real GWS client stories. Our goal is to highlight the type of services we provide clients in a variety of life stages and situations, so you can get a better sense for how we might be able to help you, while still protecting our clients' privacy.


David is a successful executive in a high-profile company, where he navigates the relentless pressure and pace of the corporate world. His days are filled with strategic decisions, management responsibilities, and never-ending emails, leaving him with little time to worry about his own personal finances.



David’s compensation is largely equity-based, which comes with concerns about market volatilities, regulatory restrictions, corporate holding requirements, and tax. He understands that selling some equity awards may be necessary for proper investment diversification, especially since much of his wealth is concentrated in a single stock. He aspires for financial freedom and a secure future but is overwhelmed by the time required to strategize his investments and wealth.




At Gatewood Wealth Solutions, we work with many executives who struggle with these same concerns. Here’s how we help them create a solid financial foundation — and gain confidence that they’re doing the right things with their money.

Holistic Approach.

We understand the high-value time of executives like David and offer comprehensive, customized equity compensation and wealth management solutions. Our approach means executives can focus on their careers, while we meticulously manage their wealth.

Equity Compensation Specialists. 

Our team is uniquely skilled at handling complex equity compensation structures. We strategize to maximize benefits and mitigate risks, giving executives like David confidence that their equity is in professional hands.

Tax Optimization. 

We delve into the intricate tax landscape of equity compensation, using cutting-edge strategies to minimize tax liability and enhance overall financial efficiency.

Strategic Investment Advice.

Our wealth advisors provide executives like David with tailored, strategic investment advice, enabling them to make informed decisions that align with their goals and risk tolerances.

If David’s story stood out to you, we’d love to hear from you. Reach out to Gatewood Wealth Solutions to learn how we can take your personal wealth management off your plate, so you can focus your free time on what matters to you.

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