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Richard is one of our Gatewood Wealth Solutions (GWS) profiles — fictitious clients whose features are based on real GWS client stories. Our goal is to highlight the type of services we provide clients in a variety of life stages and situations, while still protecting our clients' privacy.


Richard, like many seasoned entrepreneurs, has invested countless hours into his business, turning his vision into a prosperous enterprise. Over the years, he has seen his business grow, with most of his wealth becoming intricately tied to its equity. Now, he’s considering selling all or part of his equity ownership. While this is a step towards diversifying and securing his wealth, the road ahead is filled with uncertainties.


For Richard, questions abound. How can he determine the net amount he needs after taxes to sustain his desired lifestyle? How does he navigate his expenses, once comfortably deductible, but now subject to after-tax implications? And, with a natural skepticism towards the stock market, how can he confidently reinvest his earnings? Add to that the intricate nuances of structuring the deal to limit tax implications, and the path to selling seems daunting.




At Gatewood Wealth Solutions, we work with many transitioning business owners. Here’s how we help Richard — as well as other business owners like him — manage their wealth as they exit their businesses.

Tailored Wealth Assessment.

We work closely with Richard to ascertain the amount he needs after-tax post-sale to continue his lifestyle. We guide him on how to shift his approach to expenses, ensuring Richard is well-prepared to manage personal expenses effectively post-sale.

Optimized Deal Structuring. 

Our team aids in structuring the sale deal, focusing on limiting tax implications and securing ideal benefits. We delve deep into tax-efficient strategies to enhance Richard’s after-tax income and wealth preservation throughout his retirement.

Cash Reserve Strategy. 

Even the best-laid plans can go awry. Economic downturns, global crises, or personal emergencies can necessitate immediate liquidity. By ensuring Richard maintains an appropriate amount of cash reserves, we’re helping him create a buffer for tough times.

Purchasing Power Preservation.

While preservation is a primary concern, it's essential to understand that simply stashing away money may not protect against inflation. Our strategies focus on preserving and growing Richard’s purchasing power, so his hard-earned money doesn't lose value over time.

If Richard’s story resonated with you, we’d love to talk. Contact us to discuss how we can help you work toward a successful business exit and secure retirement.

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