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Emma is one of our Gatewood Wealth Solutions (GWS) profiles — fictitious clients whose features are based on real GWS client stories. Our goal is to highlight the type of services we provide clients in a variety of life stages and situations, while still protecting our clients' privacy.


Emma, a dynamic and aspiring young professional, is busy climbing the corporate ladder, earning a high income, and hoping to secure her financial future. She’s ready to start investing her money but struggles with managing her budget, paying off lingering student loan debt, and understanding investment opportunities. Engulfed in a demanding career, she finds little time to navigate the financial services labyrinth. She strives to balance enjoying life with securing her future.


Balancing a demanding career and finances tends to overwhelm Emma, so she’s put off making financial decisions for her future. Plus, complex financial jargon and concepts make it hard for her to educate herself. Emma wants to find a happy medium of enjoying her life now while also knowing she’s setting herself up for future financial success — but she doesn’t know where to start.




At Gatewood Wealth Solutions, we work with many young, high earners who struggle with these same issues. Here’s how we help set up Emma and other young professionals for future financial success. 

Personalized Financial Planning.

We start by crafting a tailor-made financial plan that aligns with Emma's goals and lifestyle. By understanding her total financial picture, we streamline her financial plan so it aligns with both her current and future goals.

Jargon-Free Investment Guidance.

Our advisory team guides Emma through the investment landscape, so her money can work as hard as she does! We provide education every step of the way, ensuring she feels prepared to make informed decisions.

Consistent Communication.

Our relationship-centric approach meets Emma’s unique needs and aspirations, all while maintaining continuous communication. We also schedule regular check-ins to keep her in the loop on her financial plan progress and investment performance.

If Emma’s story resonates with you, we’d love to chat. Contact us to learn how we can help address the unique needs and challenges faced by high earning, aspiring young professionals like you.

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