Integrated Enabling Technology

Keeping tabs on your financial life should be as easy as checking your smartphone. With our mobile app, you can access your financial plan, investment performance, and cash flow at any time from your mobile device or laptop. Plus, you can quickly send messages and updates back and forth with your advisor while on the go. Download the mobile app at the bottom of the page.

This digital accessibility by no means replaces in-person meetings but rather enhances them by offering you real-time updates. View the video for a demo of how our platform works or request a more personalized in-depth demo from our lead advisor, Daniel Goeddel, below. 

Daniel Goeddel Gatewood Wealth Solutions Financial Advisor

Daniel Goeddel, MBA

Partner | Chief Development Officer | Lead Advisor

Another way we've embraced technology is the launch of our daily and weekly YouTube broadcasts in 2020. Our clients asked for more frequent updates on the economy and market impact, and we answered! Each day, our investment committee shares a "Daily 3x3" update on market happenings, and CIO Aaron Tuttle takes a deeper dive into economic and portfolio updates every Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. CT in our Weekly Market Insight broadcast. Follow us on YouTube so you never miss an update!

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