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Virginia is one of our Gatewood Wealth Solutions (GWS) profiles — fictitious clients whose features are based on real GWS client stories. Our goal is to highlight the type of services we provide clients in a variety of life stages and situations, all while protecting our clients' privacy.


After facing the heartbreaking loss of her lifelong partner, Virginia finds herself at an unexpected crossroads. Alone with a vast estate she and her husband built together, she grapples with memories of joint dreams and shared financial plans. Suddenly, decisions once made by two hands are hers alone. A combination of profound grief and the immediate necessity of handling complex financial matters makes every step feel both daunting and emotionally charged.



Coming to terms with her loss while juggling financial matters is extremely draining for Virginia. Virginia wasn’t deeply involved in financial matters while her husband was alive, and taking them over now seems incredibly daunting. Still, Virginia wants to keep her financial future stable, given her new circumstances. She knows she is in a vulnerable state and is worried about finding trustworthy support.




At Gatewood Wealth Solutions, we have helped many widows and widowers get their finances in order after the passing of their spouses. Here’s how we help Virginia and others like her address these concerns.

Empathetic Guidance.

Our advisors offer not just financial expertise, but also genuine empathy, for Virginia's situation. Virginia's best interests are our priority, and we pride ourselves on providing genuine, transparent advice.

Holistic Asset Review and Recommendations. 

We provide a clear, comprehensive snapshot of all Virginia’s assets, making the management process transparent and straightforward. Next, our advisors craft strategies focused on Virginia's financial stability and growth, so she can enjoy her wealth without worrying.

Estate Planning Revisions. 

Our advisors work closely with Virginia to redefine her estate plans, striving to ensure her wishes are met and future generations are well cared for. 

Tax Consultation.

Our team conducts a thorough review to understand potential tax implications and identify beneficial strategies tailored to Virginia's changed circumstances.

If Virginia’s story resonates with you, we’d love to connect and discuss how we can help, bringing both compassion and expertise to your situation.

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